Daisun Kofun , 10x8x8”, porcelain clay, celadon and luster glazes. 2017

 Daisun Kofun, 10x8x8”, porcelain clay, celadon and luster glazes. 2017

Terri Saulin: that which requires no battle

November 18 - January 6,  2018
Opening Reception: Friday, December 1st - 6-9PM
Second Thursday Reception: December 14th - 6-9PM
Closing Reception: January 6th - 2-6PM

 “When I first moved into my old, South Philadelphia house, everything that was falling down was buttressed with scrap wood, tied up with nude-colored, nylon stockings, and slathered with concrete. The supported structures were a mysterious and curious landscape that served as a record of the architectural history of my home. My neighbors Quintina and Mario were alchemists who could build or fix anything with a piece of string.

Memories are delicate constructions. They are a labyrinth, a vast and intricate novel that at once documents, interrupts and obfuscates, creating floating entry points and a universe of emotions in every corner. In the "Shaker" spirit, I imagine a tiny wasp-worker making imaginary homes for important collections of most special memories.” 

- Terri Saulin                                                         

Please join Tiger Strikes Asteroid for our next exhibition, "that which requires no battle." TSA Philadelphia member Terri Saulin and Gregory Emore are collaborating and exploring the possibilities of exhibition design, fabricating unique pedestals and mapping space. The exhibition features porcelain and paper constructions by Terri Saulin and site specific architectural display components, tailored to Saulin’s work by Gregory Emore.

Gregory Emore is a sculptor and principal of Geronimo Co. Founded in 1993, Geronimo Co. is a specialty, boutique architectural design and fabrication company located in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. Emore has created fine interior and exterior works across the country, in an endless combination of materials.

Terri received her MFA from the University of the Arts and her BFA from Moore College of Art and Design. She currently teaches a variety of Studio and Media Arts courses at The Agnes Irwin School, in Rosemont, PA. She has been a member of Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia since 2010 and serves as the location’s press coordinator.

Guest essayist Heath Ballowe.
Details to follow about a special closing reception on January 6, 2018 2-6PM

Photos courtesy of Jaime Alvarez